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830-002-2   Aesculus californica     ( California buckeye )

Aesculus californica
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California buckeye forms a multitrunked small tree. The specimen where we collected our seed is only 12 ft. tall with a similar spread. In the summer, numerous lightly blushed white flowers form into thick taper-like panicles. Their sweet fragrance draws not only human admirers but also our friends the bees. The 5-part palmate leaves measure 12 inches long with stem and about 10 inches across at their widest. In the autumn, large, glossy, hard-coated nuts litter the ground. These are a bounty to wildlife.

June to July.  Up to 25 ft. x 10-15 ft.

White/Pink Blush flowers

Sun     Zone 7, 8
Please note that these are in large, #2 containers. Their extra weight affects the cost of shipping.

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