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150-808-1   Clematis 'Akafuji'  

Clematis 'Akafuji'
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We are delighted to have Clematis 'Akafuji' in our collection. It is one of the few "red" double-flowered clematis that we have grown. In the world of clematis, true red (whatever that might be to a particular viewer) is usually rosy red or red madder or petunia red. That is the case with this Clematis patens form as well. Nonetheless, the balance between the rosy red of the sepals and the yellow of the anther tips is very pleasing. In shape, the flowers are rounded, even chubby, as the Japanese describe them. One nice thing about the color is that it is fairly sun- proof and does not fade in the light. The name means "Red Fuji" referring to Mt. Fuji at sunset or dawn, perhaps. There is a tradition in the Japanese pictoral arts of painting Mt. Fuji in various colors. We are told that this was selected or hybridized by nurseryman Oikawa Tatsuyuki. Because of the modest size of the plant, this is suitable for a container or use in a smaller garden.

May to June and Autumn.  6-8 ft.

Red flowers

Sun, Part Shade     Zones 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
Clematis patens forms bloom on the prevous year's growth. Prune this after the first flush of flowers and feed generously to promote a second round of bloom. Do not prune this hard at the end of winter.

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