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150-789-1   Clematis 'Spark'  

Clematis 'Spark'
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There is very little literature in English about Clematis 'Spark'. We do know from the Japanese Clematis Society Registry of Plants that it was developed before 2008 by Masatake Udagawa. We have been growing this in our garden for four years. The first time we saw it flower, we were amazed by the brightness of its four sepals which were almost day-glow raspberry. The glowing quality is enhanced by the paleness of the filaments and their purple anther tips. It is herbaceous in habit and we know that C. integrifolia is one of its parents. We are uncertain of its other parent but the variable foliage leads us to believe that this is an interspecial cross. In habit it reminds us of 'Arabella' and, like her, can be staked up, allowed to ramble in a mid-sized shrub or used as a groundcover through a mixed border.

Mid- to late summer.  3-5 ft.

Raspberry flowers

Sun, Part Shade     Zones 5, 6, 7, 8 , 9

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