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150-720-1   Clematis 'Vilhelmine'  

Clematis 'Vilhelmine'
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Clematis 'Vilhelmine' is rarely available in the nursery trade. This is a shame, because it is an exceptionally good climber. It was raised in Latvia by L. Bakevicius and named for the Clematis breeder Vilhelmine Riekstina. The star-shaped flowers are large, but not overly so. The six sepals are lightly wavy along their magins and come to a decidely pointed tip. There is a hint of color in the ribbed central bar of the sepals that is reflected in the contrasting brown-red anthers. This is a lovely but subtle detail. Rumor has it that this is fragrant, but we have not detected much sweetness. We don't mind because the flowers are produced in such profusion it would be greedy to ask for more.

May to July and September.  6-8 ft.

White flowers

Sun, Part Shade     Zones 5, 6, 7, 8

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