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481-012   Fritillaria lanceolata     ( Chocolate lily )

Fritillaria lanceolata
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This checkered fritillary is often encountered while hiking in Oregon or Washington in the Columbia River Gorge, especially toward its middle to eastern end. The large bell-shaped flowers are characterized by a checkered pattern of muted purple and green yellow. Tipping the bell to look inside you will see that the markings are even more pronounced. Grow this where it gets adequate moisture during the spring but is allowed to dry out during the summer. The soft green lance-shaped leaves are usually in scant whorls at the base of the plant. If you go to see these in the wild, be sure to watch out for poison oak for it is often found nearby.

April, May.  24 in.

Purple and Green Yellow flowers

Sun, Part Shade     Zones 6, 7, 8

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