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071-053-1   Salvia iodantha  

Salvia iodantha
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Mountains of Central Mexico. We thank Bill Fletcher for allowing us to cut this beautiful Salvia in his garden. Salvia iodantha is borderline hardy for us and is able to withstand temperatures into the 20's. In order to get the full benefit of its autumn bloom, however, make sure to grow it in full sun in a sheltered area with good drainage. In addition, this salvia needs regular watering. The tubular flowers have a pouch-like tip that is lightly hairy and appears velvety. They emerge from a cone-like assembly with up to twelve flowers per infloresence. That is a lot of flower power. The leaves are ovate in shape and purple on their reverses with a purple influence on top. Besty Clebsch in A Book of Salvias notes that in mild areas Salvia iodantha can reach 10 feet in height and is often scandant.

Autumn to winter.   5-6 ft. x 5 ft.

Red Purple flowers

Sun     Zone 8, 9, 10, 11

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