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337-002D4   Uncinia rubra 'Firedance'     ( Red Hook Sedge )

Uncinia rubra 'Firedance'
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When we first acquired this plant, we feared it might not be winter hardy. However, it has flourished for the last five years on a southern slope exposed to all-morning sun and afternoon shade. These are seedlings of that mother plant. All are extremely uniform in their size and color. Young leaves are a combination of dark red brown with flashes of radiant red. They are narrow, leathery and have a semi-gloss that enhances the fiery effect. Older leaves take on an olive green tone as they age. Be careful when handling this ornamental grass because it has sharp edges. At 14 inches, the inflorescences do not rise above the arching blades of 'Firedance'. The dried seeds have hooks that can easily attach themselves to fabric.

Summer.  20 in. x 30 in.

Sun     Zones (7), 8, 9

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