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529-043-1   Viburnum opulus 'Ukraine'  

Viburnum opulus 'Ukraine'
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We thank our friends David and Dorothy Rodal for allowing us to cut Viburnums in their collection. Viburnum opulus 'Ukraine' was exceptionally showy when we visited their garden. The 4-inch mid-green leaves are maple-like in appearance. In the autumn they turn fiery red, complementing the deeper red of their petioles. In spring, the three-inch, terminal inflorescences are arranged in a lace-cap pattern. Later in the summer fleshy, bright red fruits develop. It is these vivid fruits that give this species its common name, European cranberry bush.

Late spring to early summer.  15 ft. x 12 ft.

White flowers

Sun     Zones 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
(Photo Credit David Rodal)

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